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flexible disc coupling is developed on the basis of more than thirty years of professional manufactureing experience. it’s a competitive flexible transmission products for indstrial process pumps and other medium or low speed rotating machinery. Based on a higher degree of standardization, this series of products are manufactured in batch production mode, and have the advantages of cost performance and delivery competitiveness.
— Flexible componets are made of high strength stainless steel.

— Square disc with 4 bolt-holes, higher flexibility.
— Excellent comprehensive performance based on finiter element analysis and contour profile optimization.
— DIN standard fasteners used.
in the catalogue the total mass, centre of mass, torsional stiffness and moment of inertia are calculated according to max allowable ahsft diameter and minimumstandard distance between flange mating faces F, where the torsional stiffness is taken in 1/3 shaft penetration. For other size of shaft diameter or otherdistance between flange mating faces, above mentioned parameters should be calculated or corrected separately.
Single disc pack design can not compensate radial misalignmentm, and it’s axial misalignment value is only half of the data in the table. (For more information, please refer to the diagrammatic shetch of radial, angular mislignment and axial displacement on Fig.2.) Single disc pack design can only by used under certain conditions. if necessary, please consult us sales engineer.
We specializing in the production of Agricultural Gearbox, PTO Shafts, Sprockets, Fluid Coupling, Worm Gear Reducers, Gears and racks, Roller Chains, Sheave and Pulleys, Planetary Gearboxes, Timing Pulleys, Shaft Collars and more.
kinds of shaft high quality super flex rubber P-type plum blossom coupling for motor
Brass Rigid servo electric Motor Shaft Coupling Coupler Motor Transmission Connector
High Pressure Curved Flexible Drive Spider electric motor shaft coupling
How to delivery:
By sea – Buyer appoint forwarder, or our sales team find suitable forwarder for buyers.
By air – Buyer offer collect express account, or our sales team find suitable express for buyers. (Mostly for sample)
Others – We arrange to delivery goods to some place in China appoint by buyers.
1:with CE certificate
2:full detection of quality before delivery
3:OEM is welcomed
4:rich experience in precision casting
5:When you place an order, our team will confirm with you about color, package,method of payment and delivery, then a sales contract will be sent to you to confirm.
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Cast Iron is an alloy of iron and carbon, and is popular because of its low cost and ability to make complex structures. The products of cast iron exhibit reasonable resistance against corrosion, deformation and provide a rigid frame. Carbon is present in the form of plates in gray cast iron, whereas, it is in the form of sphere shaped graphite particles in ductile cast iron, which shows better tensile strength and strain than gray cast iron.

Ductile iron is a valuable structural material, which depending on its matrix offers a wide range of mechanical properties, with simultaneously a good wear resistance and a good ability to absorb the mechanical vibration. Considering these properties and production costs, it is apparent in many cases, that castings with nodular graphite can be the substitute to more expensive forged steels.

Cast irons have a wide range of applications, including machine and car parts like cylinder heads, blocks and gearbox cases, cookware, pipes, etc.
D19L25 3×3 D19L25 3×4 D19L25 3×5 D19L25 3×6 D19L25 3×6.35 D19L25 3×8 D19L25 4×4 D19L25 4×5 D19L25 4×6 D19L25 4×6.35 D19L25 4×8 D19L25 4×10 D19L25 5×5 D19L25 5×6.35 D19L25 5×6 D19L25 5×8 D19L25 5×10 D19L25 6×6 D19L25 6×6.35 D19L25 6×7 D19L25 6×8 D19L25 6×10 D19L25 6.35×6.35 D19L25 6.35X8 D19L25 6.35X10 D19L25 7×7 D19L25 7×8 D19L25 8×8 D19L25 8×10 D19L25 10×10
Group A is the type name, where figure 4 indicating the number of bolt holes in a disc.
Goup B is the coupling specification code, indicating the grade of torque transmission. Larger numerical number means higher torque transmistted.
Goup C shows the fitting diameter and length of driving and driven shaft ends (in a fraction form, with numerator representing driving shaft end, while denominator-driven shaft end)
Adavantage of Camlock Fittings 1. Good abrasion resistant, light weight, economical cost; 2. Save time compared with flanged or threaded fittings; 3. No tools needed and make the job easy; 4. Safety sealing for fluids, powders and pellets,Light weight and durable;

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass camlock couplings are motor coupling generally used with low pressure suction or discharge hoses of pump, tank, IBC and some places like paints & inks industry.

Factory Price Shaft Couplings coupling machine for motor connection gearbox connection shaft


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