AC Motor Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Brake Induction Motor with 0.75kw 2pole

AC Motor Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Brake Induction Motor with 0.75kw 2pole

HMEJ&lparAC&rpar sequence Self-Braking CZPT Motor
HMEJ series AC brake motor is a few-stage asynchronous motor which is entirely enclosed squirrel cage with added AC brake of disk kind&period of time It has gain of quick brake&comma straightforward composition&comma high reliability and very good versatility&interval In extra&comma the brake has manual perform releasing composition which is commonly used in mechanical equipment and transmissions devices for different requirements of fast quit and correct positioning&interval

Variety Power 380V  50Hz  Entire Loaded             Excess weight Housing Substance
&lparkw&rpar Speed
Present&lparA&rpar Eff power factor &lpar&rpar &lpar&rpar &lpar&rpar &lparNm&rpar <&lpars&rpar <&lparw&rpar &lparkg&rpar
Synchrouns Velocity 3000r&solmin&lpar2P&rpar380V 50Hz
YEJA711-2 &period37 2756 one 70&period0 &period81 six&period1 two&period2 2&period2 four &period20 40 nine&period3 ALU
YEJA712-2 &period55 2792 1&period4 seventy two&period0 &period82 6&period1 2&period2 two&period2 four &period20 40 ten&period5
YEJA801-two &period75 2830 1&period9 seventy two&period1 &period83 six&period1 two&period2 2&period3 7&period5 &period20 fifty 14
YEJA802-two one&period1 2830 two&period7 seventy five&period0 &period84 seven&period0 two&period2 two&period3 7&period5 &period20 50 fifteen
YEJA90S-two one&period5 2840 three&period5 seventy seven&period2 &period84 seven&period0 two&period2 two&period3 15 &period20 sixty twenty
YEJA90L-two two&period2 2840 4&period9 79&period7 &period85 seven&period0 two&period2 two&period3 15 &period20 sixty 23
YEJA100L-2 three 2860 6&period4 eighty one&period5 &period87 7&period5 2&period2 two&period3 thirty &period20 eighty 31
YEJA112M-two four 2880 8&period3 eighty three&period1 &period88 7&period5 2&period2 2&period3 40 &period25 a hundred forty four
YEJA132S1-2 5&period5 2900 eleven&period2 84&period7 &period88 7&period5 two&period2 2&period3 seventy five &period25 one hundred thirty 80
YEJA132S2-2 seven&period5 2900 15&period1 86&period0 &period88 seven&period5 two&period2 two&period3 75 &period25 one hundred thirty 94
YEJA160M1-two eleven 2930 21&period4 87&period6 &period89 seven&period5 2&period2 two&period3 a hundred and fifty &period35 150 150
YEJA160M2-two fifteen 2930 28&period9 88&period7 &period89 seven&period5 two&period2 2&period3 a hundred and fifty &period35 one hundred fifty 160
YEJA160L-2 18&period5 2930 35 89&period3 &period90 7&period5 two&period2 2&period3 a hundred and fifty &period35 a hundred and fifty 180
Synchrouns Speed1500r&solmin&lpar4Pole&rpar380V 50Hz
YEJA711-4 &period25 1390 &period8 sixty five&period0 &period74 five&period2 two&period1 2&period2 four &period20 forty 9&period3 ALU
YEJA712-4 &period37 1390 1&period13 67&period0 &period74 five&period2 2&period1 2&period2 four &period20 forty 10&period5
YEJA801-four &period55 1390 1&period6 71&period0 &period74 5&period2 2&period4 2&period3 7&period5 &period20 fifty 14
YEJA802-four &period75 1390 two&period1 73&period0 &period75 six&period0 2&period3 2&period3 7&period5 &period20 fifty 15
YEJA90S-4 one&period1 1400 2&period9 seventy six&period2 &period76 6&period0 two&period3 2&period3 fifteen &period20 60 twenty
YEJA90L-four one&period5 1400 3&period7 seventy eight&period5 &period78 6&period0 2&period3 two&period3 fifteen &period20 60 23
YEJA100L1-4 2&period2 1420 5&period2 81&period0 &period80 7&period0 two&period3 two&period3 thirty &period20 80 31
YEJA100L2-four 3 1420 six&period8 eighty two&period3 &period81 7&period0 2&period3 two&period3 30 &period20 80 33
YEJA112M-four 4 1440 8&period8 eighty four&period2 &period82 seven&period0 2&period3 2&period3 40 &period25 one hundred 44
YEJA132S-four 5&period5 1440 11&period8 85&period7 &period83 seven&period0 2&period3 2&period3 seventy five &period25 130 80 CI
YEJA132M-four seven&period5 1440 15&period8 87&period0 &period84 7&period0 two&period3 2&period3 75 &period25 a hundred thirty 94
YEJA160M-4 11 1460 22&period5 88&period4 &period84 seven&period0 two&period2 2&period3 one hundred fifty &period35 150 a hundred and fifty
YEJA160L-four fifteen 1460 thirty 89&period4 &period85 seven&period0 2&period2 2&period3 one hundred fifty &period35 a hundred and fifty a hundred and sixty
Frame Rated  Output 380V  50Hz  Entire Loaded             Excess weight  
&lparkw&rpar Velocity
Recent Eff&percnt Electrical power Element &lpar&rpar &lpar&rpar &lpar&rpar &lparNm&rpar <&lpars&rpar <&lparw&rpar &lparkg&rpar
1000r&solmin&lpar6&rpar380V 50Hz
YEJA711-six &period18 880 &period74 56&period0 &period66 4&period0 1&period9 two&period0 four &period20 forty nine&period3 ALU
YEJA712-6 &period25 880 &period95 fifty nine&period0 &period68 4&period0 1&period9 2&period0 four &period20 forty ten&period5
YEJA801-6 &period37 900 one&period3 62&period0 &period70 four&period7 one&period9 2&period0 seven&period5 &period20 fifty 14
YEJA802-six &period55 900 one&period8 65&period0 &period70 4&period7 1&period9 2&period1 7&period5 &period20 50 fifteen
YEJA90S-six &period75 910 2&period3 69&period0 &period70 5&period5 two&period0 2&period1 15 &period20 60 twenty
YEJA90L-6 one&period1 910 three&period2 seventy two&period0 &period72 five&period5 2&period0 two&period1 fifteen &period20 sixty 23
YEJA100L-6 1&period5 940 4&period0 seventy six&period0 &period74 5&period5 two&period0 two&period1 30 &period20 80 33
YEJA112M-6 2&period2 950 5&period7 seventy nine&period0 &period74 6&period5 2&period0 2&period1 forty &period25 one hundred 44
YEJA132S-six 3 960 7&period4 81&period0 &period76 6&period5 two&period1 2&period1 seventy five &period25 a hundred thirty eighty CI
YEJA132M1-6 4 960 nine&period8 eighty two&period0 &period76 six&period5 2&period1 2&period1 seventy five &period25 130 ninety
YEJA132M2-six 5&period5 960 12&period9 84&period0 &period77 six&period5 two&period1 2&period1 seventy five &period25 a hundred thirty ninety four
YEJA160M-6 seven&period5 970 seventeen&period2 86&period0 &period77 six&period5 2&period0 two&period1 a hundred and fifty &period35 one hundred fifty 150
YEJA160L-6 11 970 24&period5 87&period5 &period78 six&period5 2&period0 two&period1 150 &period35 one hundred fifty 160
750r&solmin&lpar8&rpar380V 50Hz
YEJA801-eight &period18 690 &period94 fifty one&period0 &period57 3&period3 one&period8 one&period9 seven&period5 &period20 fifty fourteen ALU
YEJA802-8 &period25 690 1&period2 fifty four&period0 &period58 three&period3 1&period8 1&period9 7&period5 &period20 50 15
YEJA90S-8 &period37 690 one&period5 sixty two&period0 &period60 4&period0 one&period8 1&period9 fifteen &period20 sixty twenty
YEJA90L-eight &period55 690 2&period2 sixty three&period0 &period61 four&period0 1&period8 2&period0 fifteen &period20 sixty 23
YEJA100L1-8 &period75 seven-hundred 2&period4 seventy one&period0 &period67 four&period0 one&period8 2&period0 30 &period20 80 31
YEJA100L2-8 one&period1 700 3&period3 73&period0 &period69 five&period0 1&period8 two&period0 thirty &period20 eighty 33
YEJA112M-8 1&period5 700 four&period4 75&period0 &period69 5&period0 1&period8 2&period0 forty &period25 100 forty four
YEJA132S-eight 2&period2 710 six&period0 80&period5 &period71 6&period0 one&period8 2&period0 75 &period25 a hundred thirty eighty CI
YEJA132M-8 3 710 8&period1 eighty two&period5 &period71 6&period0 1&period8 two&period0 seventy five &period25 130 94
YEJA160M1-eight 4 720 ten&period3 84&period0 &period73 6&period0 1&period9 two&period0 150 &period35 150 140
YEJA160M2-8 five&period5 720 13&period6 85&period0 &period74 6&period0 2&period0 two&period0 a hundred and fifty &period35 150 150
YEJA160L-eight seven&period5 720 18&period4 86&period0 &period74 six&period0 two&period0 two&period0 one hundred fifty &period35 one hundred fifty 160

                                              HMEJ&lparAC&rpar Brake Motor Outline Dimensions 

AC Motor Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Brake Induction Motor with 0.75kw 2pole


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