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Once you have established which power source you have you will need to determine which style will work for your application. AC motors can be sub-divided into the following: Single Phase Induction, Three Phase Induction, Two Phase Servo, and Hysteresis Synchronous. DC motors can be sub-divided into: Brushless DC, Brush DC, and Stepper types.

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Next we need to understand the different characteristics of each type in order to properly match a motor to its application.

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A single phase induction motor is connected to a single voltage line. An external capacitor is required to make this motor operate. The different types of single phase induction motors are distinguished by which method they are started. The four basic types are: split phase, capacitor start, permanent split capacitor, and capacitor start

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A split phase motor uses a switching device to disconnect the start winding once the motor gets to 75% of its rated speed. Although this type has a simple design which makes it less expensive for commercial use, it also has low starting torques and high starting currents.

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The capacitor start motor is basically a split phase capacitor motor with a capacitor in series with the starting winding to create more starting torque. This motor is more expensive on account of the switching and capacitor requirement.

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Power Output/Horsepower: The designer will need to know what the rated speed and torque parameter that your system requires.

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Frame Size: It is helpful for the designer to know the mechanical constraints in order to properly size the motor.

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Duty Cycle/Time rating: The amount of time the motor is operating vs. time it is not is an important criteria when designing the insulation systems of the motor.


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A permanent split capacitor motor does not have any staring switch. For this type, a capacitor is permanently connected to the starting winding. Since this capacitor is required for continuous use, it does not provide starting power, therefore starting torques are typically low. These motors are not recommended for heavy starting load applications. However, they do have low starting currents, quieter operation, and higher life/reliability, thereby making them a good choice for high cycle rates. They are also the most reliable capacitor motor on account of not having a starting switch. They can also be designed for higher efficiencies and power factor at rated loads.

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